There is a technique that differs from the traditional method: replacing teeth by a prosthesis fixed on 4 implants, on the same day as the implants, without having to resort to a period of healing and without bone grafts, for the majority of cases.

This treatment, under the All-on-4 ® trademark, optimizes the use of available bone by tilting two implants by 45 ° and allows patients with very little bone to have fixed teeth. The temporary prosthesis is fixed to the implants the same day so you can masticate. When healing is complete, the final prosthesis is fixed to the implants. It is brushed like natural teeth and you won’t need to remove it for cleaning.

Personal plan

To plan the treatment appropriately, we use Nobel Biocare’s Nobel Clinician software that allows us, with the use of the mouth scan, to virtually work in the patient’s mouth.

This technique has an excellent success rate and has many advantages. During your initial consultation, we can determine if the All-on-4 ® technology is suitable in your case.