Why replace a missing tooth (teeth)?

When teeth are removed, the bone that surrounds them subsides quickly and loses its volume. Bone and jaw atrophy can cause significant problems:

One or many teeth

  • remaining teeth can be displaced
  • higher risk of gum disease
  • wear of remaining teeth
  • discalcation of adjacent teeth causing the root and teeth to become more sensitive.

All teeth

  • digestive problems caused by insufficient mastication
  • malnutrition and increased health risks
  • speech troubles
  • painful and unstable prosthesis
  • jaw articulation problems
  • facial deformation
    • sagging of face muscles
    • wrinkles and hollowing of cheeks
    • forward displacement of the mandible (more prominent chin)
    • decrease of distance between the nose and chin

The loss of teeth can not be overlooked. It is essential to replace missing teeth