Baby Teething

Teething can make the child irritable. He will cry, chew everything, will drool profusely and present a decreased appetite. Often, it is accompanied by pain, cheek redness and buttocks irritation.

Although teething causes discomfort, your baby isn’t sick. At this age (6 months and older), the immune system is just starting to produce its own antibodies for defense and thus can be less resistant to microbes. Some symptoms should not be automatically attributed to teething, such as a high fever, nausea, vomiting or abundant diarrhea. See a doctor if your child has these symptoms.

You can diminish the pain by giving the child a chilled teething ring that will temporarily relieve the gums. If pain is very intense, you can give acetaminophen (Tempra). It is very important to give this medication with a snack because it can be irritating to a baby’s stomach. Ask your pharmacist to calculate the right dosage based on your child’s weight.