Thumb Sucking

When your child sucks his thumb, a finger or object, you have to help him lose the habit before the age of 3. This behavior should never extend beyond the age of 5, when adult teeth erupt. Thumb-sucking leads to irreversible deformations (a narrow palate, forward-inclined teeth and a bad occlusion).

Thumb-sucking is a form of emotional comfort for the child. You must therefore help him and encourage him in this process.

Fast tips:
Write in a calendar the time periods where no thumb sucking has occurred (ex; watching his favorite television show or in the car) and reward the child. Start with easy-to-reach targets and gradually increase the challenge.

You can also try covering the child’s thumb with a bandage or put a sock on the whole hand before going to bed.
If nothing works, discuss it with your dentist.