Frequently Asked Questions

Is the treatment painful?
Although placing an implant requires a surgical procedure, the treatment is painless as the zone is under local anaesthesia, as for a restauration. With adequate medication, we manage to make it seemingly painless. We can prescribe medication to lower anxiety before the procedure, painkillers for post-procedure relief and medication to stimulate fast healing. Our patients have confirmed that our methods generally cause just slight discomfort.

Am I too old?
There is no age to well-being.  We have patients well over 70 that have had this procedure, without any regret.

How long before I can have my new prosthesis?
6 months and more, a delay which will be confirmed when we agree together to the treatment that suits you best.

Are there many types of treatments to choose from?
In almost all cases, you will have many alternatives to choose from, depending on your budget and goals.

How many appointments are needed to complete the treatment?
About 3 to 8 visits are usually needed, depending on chosen treatment.

Is it easy to care for?
We can easily compare it to natural dentition, you just need to have good hygiene habits, something our team will surely help you with.

Will I have to do without my actual prosthesis or teeth during treatment?
No, in no way will you have to go toothless. Your actual prosthesis is modified during the duration of the treatment.

Are implant treatments covered by my insurance?
Depending on the contract negotiated and protections selected by your employer for your dental insurance plan, the insurer may cover a portion of the costs but limits the refunded amount according to its annual limits. Implants can be part of your contract’s exclusions but parts of the treatment may be eligible for a refund; for example, the prosthesis part but not the implants. We can submit a treatment plan to your insurer to predetermine the amount to be refunded. Please be advised that dental treatments are eligible to tax credits and that financing plans are available.


All questions and worries will be addressed
during your visit with Dr. Michel A. Lavoie.