Types of prostheses

Many types of prostheses can be considered. Partial or complete removable prostheses (commonly known as « dentures ») and fixed prostheses, such as Maryland and conventional bridges.

Dental implants are an excellent way to replace missing teeth and halt the bone resorption process. An implant is the closest to natural dentition. It insures stability of the fixed or removable prosthesis, without damaging adjacent teeth.

Conventional Conventional fixed bridge
A fixed bridge is made up of crowns soldered together and permanently fixed to adjacent teeth. This type of treatment allows teeth replacement, as well as restauration of adjacent teeth. It is aesthetic and prevents loosening of teeth and future teeth loss.

Maryland Bridge
The Maryland or butterfly bridge is made up of a crown (or two) with two wings glued to the adjacent teeth. It has the advantage of being less invasive to abutment teeth pillars since they do not have to be trimmed for a crown installation. However, this type of bridge may only be considered in special cases since it doesn’t tolerate strong mastication forces.

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