Complete Prosthesis

A complete prosthesis replaces all the teeth of a dental arcade. It is better known as a “denture”. It is made with high precision, respecting your unique physiology. It is supported by the gums and jaw bone.

An immediate prosthesis is made before tooth extraction and it is put in place as soon as a tooth is extracted. You can wear your prosthesis immediately and do not have to wait for your bone and gums to heal. This immediate prosthesis may be slightly modified during healing to make it fit better. Once healing is complete, the denturist will produce a new prosthesis that will fit best.

The denturist can suggest a balanced prosthesis, which is even more customized and adjusted to each patient. Your denturist studies all movements using an articulator and ensures that the prosthesis is perfectly balanced to slow the bone resorption process that makes the gums recede over the years.