Prosthesis on Implant

The prosthesis on implant gives amazing results and further limits the damage caused by time. Implants are in fact artificial tooth roots (titanium rods) placed in the jaw bone by a dental surgeon and it serves as an anchor for the prosthesis, ensuring stability. If an implant prosthesis is considered, the denturist will refer you to a dentist to assess your dental condition and evaluate the thickness of your maxillary bone. They will then determine the best treatment plan together.

The first step is done by the dentist who places the implant. We must then wait for adequate healing, that can take from three to six months, to be sure the implant solidly fuses with the bone. Once the implant is well ‘osteo-integrated’, the dentist will proceed with placement of healers and then of the pillars that will be used to anchor the prosthesis. The denturist then manufactures a prosthesis according to the predetermined treatment plan.

Take note that denturists work in close collaboration with Dr. Michel A. Lavoie, a dentist who has specialized his practice exclusively to implantology.